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1300 - 1900

Friday 8th March 2019

Lecturer Clare Ford-Wille BA(Hons)

Prague is a city of exceptional artistic and architectural riches. At various times in history, Prague has been one of the most important cities in Europe, and this is reflected in the medieval and renaissance architecture of St Vitus Cathedral and the Royal Palace. The glorious paintings of the c14 court artist, Master Theodoric, deserve to be far better known. During the Baroque period Prague witnessed another cultural expansion with the building and decoration of the palaces of the Mala Strana quarter. At the end of the c19 the rise of a Czech national identity finds a fitting response in a splendid group of art nouveau buildings and interior decoration by such artists as Alphonse Mucha.

Programme of 3 lectures:

Lecture 1

Medieval Art and Architecture under the Emperor Charles IV

Exploring extraordinary developments in in Prague in the last half of the c14 when the city became the capital of Emperor Charles IV’s empire. A great local artist was Master Theodoric, whose magnificent paintings decorate the Holy Cross Chapel at Karlstein.

Lecture 2

Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture

Periods of great artistic production in Prague in the c16, c17, c18 from the lovely Summer Palace to the magnificent palaces in the Mala Strana Quarter and the monasteries such as Loreto and the two churches of St Nicholas.

Lecture 3

Movements in Architecture, Sculpture and Painting: Art Nouveau and Cubism

Art Nouveau buildings have survived in great numbers in Prague, of which the most extraordinary is the Municipal House or Obecni Dum. There are also perfect examples of Cubism in the Cubist House in the Old Town.